“Exit Gender” goes BIX

“The freedom to live as you are and not having to conform to conventional gender roles” Exit Gender is originally a multimedia installation by Jona Lingitz and Ines Handler.It was further developed for the BIX […]

Multimedia installation “Exit Gender”

Exit Gender is a multimedia installation for gender diversity.A hand-drawn animation comes to life using stop-motion technology. An abstract figure constantly changes its characteristics. It is an organic dance of different gender and body features. […]

Short film festival “Cinema Talks”

Cinema Talks is the first international short film festival in Graz founded by four young film enthusiasts. It took place for the first time in September 2019. Up to 30 national and international short films […]

Short film “Morgen Mal Anders”

Newspapers, radio and television report on him. Through his own fault, the 53-year-old Robert Neumann, owner of a law firm, is driven to ruin. He is kicked out of the house by his wife and […]

Jury Member at Diagonale 2018

“Diagonale” is the festival of Austrian film that takes place annually in Graz, Austria.In 2018 Ines Handler was part of the youth jury. Together with four other jury members, she selected the best newcomer film. […]