Short film “Mitternachtsblau”

“Mitternachtsblau” is about a girl named Emma. In her daily life everything is the same. It seems like a endless routine. But suddenly she meets a mysterious boy her age. Finn. He seems to understand Emma better than anyone else and brings colours into her life that she only dared to dream of.
Direcor: Sarah Steinhäusler
Producer/Unit manager: Ines Handler
DOP: Gregor Franz, Benjamin Wedemeyer
1.AC: Johannes Rass
Sound: Pixel Schmiederer, Jona Lingitz
Grip: Jacob, Jabornig, Anna Fachbach, Luka Radaelli, Lucas Cantera, Matteo Birchbauer
Set design/Makeup: Lara Rabitsch
1.AD/Clap: Fanny Gallé
2.AD: Isabel Gadner
Camera report/Continuity: Eliam Lauppert
Editing/Grading: Johannes Rass, Gregor Franz
Making of: Johannes Rass
Graphic design: Mirjam Lingitz
Music by Governments Garden

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