Short film “Morgen Mal Anders”

Newspapers, radio and television report on him. Through his own fault, the 53-year-old Robert Neumann, owner of a law firm, is driven to ruin. He is kicked out of the house by his wife and is forced to stay in a hotel. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an unknown young man unexpectedly turns up and turns everything upside down.
Director: Sarah Steinhäusler
Producer/Editor: Ines Handler
DOP: Gregor Franz
1.AC: Johannes Rass
On-Set Sound: Pixel Schmiederer, Jona Lingitz, Darius Petrovic
Sounddesign: Nora Puntigam, Serafin Sauter
Grip: Eliam Lauppert, Simon Eberl
Make Up/Set design: Lara Rabitsch
Clap: Nora Puntigam
Grading: Gregor Franz
Robert Neumann: Emil De Cillia
Elias Gruber: Nikolaus Pfleger

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