Multimedia installation “Exit Gender”

Exit Gender is a multimedia installation for gender diversity.
A hand-drawn animation comes to life using stop-motion technology. An abstract figure constantly changes its characteristics. It is an organic dance of different gender and body features. The digitalised and coloured animation is projected by a beamer. Jona Lingitz was responsible for the animation, which consists of 753 drawn and then scanned images. Ines Handler took over the production of the project and was responsible for the organisation, financing and press.

“We want to challenge stereotypes and clichés, introduce new identities and show that femininity and masculinity are diverse and colourful”

Exit Gender was presented at Künstlerhaus Graz in September 2020. Within an artist talk with Jona Lingitz, Ines Handler and the curator Ameli Klein, discussions where held about gender and identity.

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